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Discover all the ways you can benefit from a Humidifirst ultrasonic humidifier. See how the energy savings alone can result in paybacks on the purchase price of between one and two years. Also, ultrasonics provide instant misting upon a call for humidification. Couple this with Humidifirst's unique ability to time and pulsate the mist discharge, and you have the tightest humidity control in the industry. In addition, with Humidifirst, there is virtually no required maintenance--there are no pans to scrub or steam canisters to replace or infrared bulbs to change, and there is no need for water flush cycles. Humidifirst makes humidification easy!

Humidifirst is committed to being the innovative leader in ultrasonic humidifier technology. As a result, we continually test our products to find ways to improve them. We use a large wind tunnel (CLICK HERE TO VIEW) to simulate high and low velocity air patterns commonly found in field ventilation systems. This wind tunnel led to the development of Humidifirst’s unique DT Series discharge baffle, which can be field adjusted, allowing our ducted humidifiers to work exceptionally well in slow air speeds of 300 fpm or in fast air speeds up to 2000 fpm.

In addition, we use a Liebert computer room air conditioner (CLICK HERE TO VIEW) to reproduce actual conditions for the testing of our Liebert Retrofit ultrasonic humidifier. Several years worth of research, design and testing went into Humidifirst’s LR Series humidifiers, and led to the development of this popular and unique computer room humidifying product.

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